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Honda Talon 4 Seater Tree Kickers - Nerf Bars

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4 Seater Tree Kicker
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The WarHead Offroad Honda Talon 4-seater tree kicker is the toughest kicker on the market, hands down.  The Warhead tree kickers offer the most protection from any of the competitors for protecting your ride.  Extremely tough and built in such a way that they follow the body lines, going up the plastic to give you maximum protection. You won't regret putting these on your machine and we guarantee you (and your buddies!) will be impressed and very satisfied with them!  
  • 2" .120 wall DOM tubing
  • Extended rearward toward to rear tire to ensure maximum clearance from plastic and hanging up on an object
  • Can accommodate 32" tires
  • Max width of machine
  • Built to protect the plastic

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