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MOAB Honda Talon Front Bumper

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MOAB Bumper
  • 2” DOM .120 Tubing construction
  • 2x4 1/8" steel front bulk head
  • ½” thick 5/8” Shackle mounts
  • 12 ga skid plate
  • Multiple light configurations available
  • Multiple Powder Coating options
  • External winch optional
  • Integrated wrapped skid plate
  • Heavy Duty and extremely durable
The MOAB "Mother of all Bumpers" Bumper has a fully integrated boxed in 12 ga skid plate. This 12ga skid plate covers the winch from side to side, protects it from mud a debris and very importantly keeps it clean. The front bulk head is made of 2x4 1/8" steel tubing. The two main mounts are made from 1 1/2" 1/8 square tubing. This bumper will take a beating and will protect your ride for years to come.

The MOAB bumper weighs 35lbs with the 12 ga skid plate.
Frame mounted winch bumpers are external winch mount ready.  For frame mounted winch a frame mounted winch bracket will be required.

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